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Chemically Etched Brass Stencil

Chemically Etched Brass Stencil

Technical Capability Statement
  • Material 6mil (0.152mm) brass foil
  • Pad Reduction As specified (0%, 5% or 10% are standard reductions)
  • Size Limitation Width – Max. 314mm, Length – Max. 650mm
  • Metal Frame Not provided
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We have capability to manufacture and assemble Single Sided/Layer (SS), Double Sided/Layer (DS-NPTH & DS-PTH) and MultiLayer (up to 32 layers) PCBs with RoHS as an option.

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Contract Assembly

We are one-stop solution provider for all your contract assembly requirements. We have the capability and resources to provide PCB assemblies, as well as cable and harness assemblies.

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