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Find out more about PCB design, manufacturing, pricing and administration in our frequently asked questions. Contract Assembly - Component Procurement
  • Can I supply components?

    Yes. However, please note that components exported to our offshore assembly facility will incur customs duty and may delay the project.

  • How long does a PCB assembly quote take to prepare?

    2 working days, provided there is no query from our component procurement and PCB assembly team.

    If we have query regarding your part or its availability or if we have any other assembly related doubts, we may take extra time to quote. In any case, we will be in touch with you throughout the quote process.

  • Generally, which option is better for me as a customer? Purchase components myself, kit them and then send to QualiEco Circuits or have QualiEco Circuits purchase components (turnkey)?

    In our experience, customers always save time and money when we take full control and responsibility of the project.

    • Because of our special relationships and buying power with component suppliers and distributors, we always get better deal and able to pass the savings onto the customer.

    • If we buy the parts, we can save customer’s money by eliminating their kitting costs and unnecessary paper work and management.

    • We take full responsibility for purchasing the right parts, as per the approved BOM, which proves a complete risk-free deal for customer.

    • If you supply parts, they need to be shipped to our assembly factory in China for which customs duty is applicable. Note that customs clearance may also delay the project. Since we guarantee 100% genuine parts, buying locally in China is always the best option.

  • How do you handle unused or unpopulated components?

    We can keep in our stock or return to you, whatever you prefer. Extra freight cost may apply, if we arrange a special delivery.