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Find out more about PCB design, manufacturing, pricing and administration in our frequently asked questions. Contract Assembly - Services & Capabilities
  • Please click here to refer to our assembly capability.

  • Do you fabricate PCBs as well as assemble them?


    The range of services, as a part of our turnkey solution, we offer:

    • PCB Manufacturing (prototype to standard production)
    • Component Procurement
    • PCB Assembly (prototype to standard production)
    • Laser cut Electropolished SMT Stencil
    • IC Programming (pre or post assembly)
    • Functional Testing

  • What type of assembly services do you offer?

    We offer the following assembly services in a range of sample to high volume production:

    • RoHS or Standard solder printed circuit board assemblies
    • Hand assembly
    • Through-hole assembly
    • SMT assembly
    • Mixed SMT and Through-hole assembly
    • BGA, micro-BGA and QFN assembly
    • Standard and Custom Cable Assembly
    • Wire Harness Assembly

  • Do you offer both RoHS (lead-free) and Non-RoHS (leaded) assembly?


  • Can you do partial assembly?

    Yes. However, we need to be instructed clearly which parts to be mounted and which ones to ignore.

  • Can you do BGA assembly?

    Yes. We can also do micro-BGA and QFN assembly.

  • Do you have repair facilities?

    Yes. We have:

    • BGA removal and replacement station
    • SMT IR rework station
    • Thru-hole rework station